Scaffolding Cross Braces for Sale

Scaffolding Cross Braces for Sale


Cross braces are an essential part of a frame scaffolding system. They keep the frames correctly spaced apart and provide the scaffolding with horizontal strength. They can also serve as fall protection. Make sure you have the right cross braces for the job because different size and type frames require different length cross braces. The wrong braces will cause your scaffolding sections to not quite line up correctly. Check out our video on connecting the cross brace to the scaffolding frame.

We sell both tubular and angle-iron cross braces in many different sizes. When reading cross brace dimensions, the first number is the space the cross brace will create between two scaffolding frames when it is attached to the frames. The linear length of the cross brace will be a little longer than this due to the fact that it is connecting the frames at an angle. The second number is the spread of the cross brace vertically. For instance a 7'X4' brace will put the frames at 7' apart and will fit a frame with pins that are 4' apart vertically. A brace with three dimensions such as 7'X3'X4' means it will put the frames at 7' apart and has two holes on each end which will fit scaffolding frames with pins that are either 3' or 4' apart depending on which hole you use.

The Right Scaffolding Cross Braces

The wrong size cross brace will still connect to most scaffolding frames, however, the frames will not be the correct distance apart. Using a 7'X4' brace on a half-high frame that takes a 7'X2' brace will put the frames at a distance greater than 7' so that the frames will not match up with properly-spaced frames. Likewise, using a 7'X2' brace on a frame that takes a 7'X4' will create spacing that is less than 7'.

For Safeway and Waco Style Scaffolding, all frames 5' tall or greater will take a 7'(or any other distance)X4' cross brace. A 4' tall frame will take a 7'X3' brace, a 3' tall frame will take a 7'X2' brace and a 2' tall frame will take a 7'X1' brace.

Tubular cross braces are made from tubular galvanized steel. They lighter than the angle iron braces and of similar strength. Angle iron braces are made of from two L-shaped pieces of steel. They are painted and not galvanized and a little heavier than the tubular braces. While the brace strength is similar, the angle iron braces hold up just a littler better out in the field.

Our cross braces will fit the following lock styles: flip lock, candy cane lock, drop lock, and snap-on style (special order).

See our article on choosing the right scaffolding frame.

We carry the following Scaffolding Cross Braces in stock:

Tubular Braces

SWS-309 7'X1'

SWS-301 7'X2'

SWS-302 7'X3'

SWS-303 7'X4'

SWS-320 10'X1'

SWS-307 10'X2'

SWS-305 10'X4'

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May 16th 2023

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