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The advantage of using Non-Stop Heavy-Duty Scaffolding™ is that it saves you money by increasing your production. This system involves a single platform that moves up and down vertical towers. Instead of spending labor dollars setting up additional frames and planking the next level up, the scaffolding is simply raised (or lowered) using winches, allowing you to use 1/3 fewer planks. This type of scaffolding is also called crank-up scaffolding and elevated-platform scaffolding.

Benefits Of Non-Stop Scaffolding


Non-Stop Scaffolding for Sale

Material is always handy: No more moving material between platforms and with the drop-down platform material is always sitting at waist level.

Safety: Many accidents and OSHA violations are due to mistakes in planking, toe boards and setting up guardrails. The more times this needs to be done, the more probable a mistake becomes. With this system, you set up one level. The guardrails and other safety equipment travel with the scaffolding as you go up. Make sure it is correct and you are good to go all the way up.

Ladders: Each frame is meets the OSHA specifications for scaffolding ladders, providing more access points for the scaffolding to be climbed. This increases safety by reducing traffic to and from a limited access point on the scaffolding and increases production by providing faster up and down times for your workers.

Ergonomics: With Non-Stop Heavy-Duty Scaffolding™, each mason lays brick at waist level since the scaffolding is continuously adjusted as courses get laid. This results in higher quality work since it is easier to lay brick at this height and more production since the mason experiences less fatigue from laying at his feet or at eye level. This factor alone has been proven to increase production by fore than 20%.

Faster Set Up and Tear Down Time: Due to the design of Non-Stop Heavy-Duty Scaffolding™ and the fact that it has fewer pieces than conventional scaffolding, the set up and tear down time is faster. Each tower (up to 45 feet tall) can be picked up and moved to a new location in about ten minutes per tower. It takes 20 minutes to lower the platform from 45 feet tall back down to the ground.

Buying New or Used Non-Stop Scaffolding

We have both new and used Non-Stop Scaffolding for sale. We can sell to our customers either outright or on a rent-to-own basis. We can quickly provide you with a quote once we know how long you want the scaffolding to go and how high you need it to go. We sell Used Non-Stop Scaffolding too. Our used Non-Stop has been sandblasted, repainted and all moving parts restored. You will have a like-new product but at a used price. Non-Stop Scaffolding can last you for decades if taken care of properly and is generally a good investment if you perform commercial masonry work.

Non-Stop Scaffolding for Rent


Non-Stop Scaffolding on Radius Wall

At Southwest Scaffolding, we have over 1,000 lineal feet x 35 feet high of Non-Stop scaffolding available for rent nationwide. Non-Stop Scaffolding is also called crank-up scaffolding. One working platform is assembled and climbs via a series of winches on a series of towers. This scaffolding will absolutely save you labor money on a large project and will also increase your quality since the platform level can be adjusted to exactly the right position for the workers instead of 6’4″ or greater intervals. The advantage of Non-Stop over Hydraulic Scaffolding or other type of mast climber is its price and adaptability. It is much lest expensive than a mast climber but will still reach great heights while providing an efficiency advantage over frame scaffolding. It is also more easily adaptable to odd building shapes, inside and outside corners.

Local rentals are either picked up by the customer or delivered by our trucks for an extra fee. Long-distance rentals are trucked on 40’ trailers. A typical 40′ trailer will carry approximately 275 ft. x 36 ft of Non-Stop and 250 boards. Additionally, we offer free shipping for rentals of 200 feet or more for 5 months or more. Below is a typical long-distance rental load. We recommend taking a picture of the scaffolding on the truck when it arrives on your project so you can see how it racked and loaded and be able to duplicate that when the project is complete. In addition, if you are mixing our rental Non-Stop Scaffolding with your scaffolding, please note that our scaffolding is marked with a different color on the sides.


The Advantage of Renting Non-Stop Scaffolding

Non-Stop Scaffolding requires a substantial initial investment if you are purchasing scaffolding. By renting from Southwest Scaffolding, you are only paying a fraction of this initial investment (we usually require a month rent up front) to have a very powerful tool on your project. On a long term rental, many of our clients want the option to purchase at the end of the rental, so we have this option available.

Renting Non-Stop Scaffolding from Southwest Scaffolding will let you complete larger projects at less costs. The larger a project gets, the less efficient conventional frame scaffolding becomes due the large amount of labor required to set it up. A large project with conventional scaffolding usually requires a dedicated crew to continually erect and dismantle scaffolding throughout the project and lots of expensive planks are required to plank all levels. With Non-Stop, the platform only needs to be assembled once and only one level planked. Not only will the workers be more efficient with this scaffolding but the labor that would be used to assemble can now be used for construction. Both scaffolding units also have a distinct safety advantage over frame scaffolding. Fewer tie offs need to be made to the wall, less time spent on erection and dismantling of the safety platform means there is far less that can go wrong or break and there is less to check for safety compliance.

Southwest Scaffolding’s rental program can be just the ticket for you to take that big step into a larger and more profitable project or will allow you to take on additional work instead of passing on a lucrative opportunity.

The Rental Process at Southwest Scaffolding

We specialize in renting our Non-Stop (Crank Up) Scaffolding. Please note that we normally do not rent frame scaffolding unless it is a large quantity or unless it is needed in conjunction with the Non-Stop.

The rental process begins with customers telling us how long and how high they need the scaffolding to go. We will then go over the project with them (if needed) and verify whether any inside or outside corners will need to be turned, whether there is enough room on the project for the scaffolding to be assembled, and come up with a plan of action if the scaffolding will need to be dismantled and reassembled on another wall during the course of the project.

We will then come up with an itemized quote of all scaffolding items and accessories needed for the project as well as shipping to the project and back to our yard. If necessary, we will also provide a quote for scaffolding training and arrange for one of our representatives to be on site at the project to provide knowledge and guidance.

After this, we will have our customers sign a scaffolding rental contract that spells out the agreed-upon terms between Southwest Scaffolding and our customers. Once the contract is signed, we will provide the scaffolding at the time and location requested by the customer.

If you have never rented Non-Stop before, we can provide you with a training course for you and your field crew at the beginning of the project. We will travel all over the country to do this. See how we provided training for a masonry company in Austin, TX.

Scaffold Board Rental and Sales

Non-Stop requires specially cut 80.5″ 2×10 scaffolding boards. If needed, we will include these in our quote to you. These boards are available for rental or for purchase. Our 80.5″ boards are identical to our standard OSHA-tested Scaffold Boards. The only difference is length. These boards are OSHA tested, stamped and pinned on each end.

Non-Stop Scaffolding Individual Parts and Accessories

From time to time, scaffolding gets lost, damaged or just wears out. If you are just looking to replace a few towers, winches, guard rails, etc., we carry both new and used individual Non-Stop parts and accessories.

Delivering Your Non-Stop Scaffolding

We can cost-effectively ship scaffolding for either rental or sales nationwide and even to Canada. Shipments are fast. If you are in the contiguous United States or Canada, we can usually have your Non-Stop delivered to you in a matter of days. View the video below to see how we do it.


Need More Information?

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