About Us

Southwest Scaffolding & Supply is one of the top Scaffolding Suppliers in the United States.

Our Construction Pedigree

At Southwest Scaffolding & Supply, we have a construction pedigree. We began as a commercial masonry contractor in the early 1990s and over the course of the next 20 years, completed many multi-million dollar projects. During the Great Recession, we shifted our focus from construction to selling and renting scaffolding.

Unlike most of our competitors, we’ve used the scaffolding we sell to you, and like you, we’ve had to rely on it to make a living. We know how it performs in the field, how it holds up over time and how it can affect your bottom line. We understand as well as anyone the labor costs associated with erecting scaffolding and how setting up the right kind of scaffolding with the right strategic approach can make your project far more profitable.

Like you, we are experts in construction, OSHA regulations and in scaffolding. Because of this, we only sell products we would use ourselves. We have spent a great amount of effort finding the highest quality products at the most reasonable prices and we want to pass this benefit on to you and give you an advantage over the competition. We can work with you on your projects to make sure you are buying what you and your crews need (and only what you need) to best complete a project, stay OSHA compliant, and keep your labor costs as low as possible. Why buy scaffolding from someone who knows less about how to use it than you do?

Quality Scaddolfing

We go to great lengths to make sure you get the highest quality scaffolding at the lowest possible price. Our scaffolding holds more and costs less than the competition. We have our frames tested at Texas A & M to ensure they exceed OSHA specifications and the competition. The weight capacity of our frames will surprise you. Check out our compression test results here.

Delivery Across North America

Southwest Scaffolding & Supply is located in the Dallas, Texas area. We have the largest inventory of scaffolding and accessories in North Texas. Distance is not a limit for us. We deliver all over the United States and Canada and have even delivered to Australia and Africa. Often, we can deliver the scaffolding to you within a matter of days. Let us give you a free quote before you overpay locally.

Scaffolding Services

After spending more than twenty years in the masonry business, we have the knowledge and expertise to meet your masonry scaffolding needs. Our services include: onsite training, assistance in design and layout of scaffolding, and OSHA compliance training. Our staff includes knowledgeable field representatives, who have years of first-hand experience in the erection and use of our scaffolding systems. The biggest factor in profitability on a masonry job is efficient use of labor. Let us help you use your labor efficiently by designing a scaffolding plan for your job.